Breeder, Meredith Prentice of Victoria is very excited to have her Arabian
Warmblood filly coming out this season.  Meredith bred her mare, Bremervale
Marietta to Di Maggio to breed a saddle horse for herself and from what we
can see, I think she might have done just that. 
We wish them well for the coming show season.

Deveron Lets Rock shown here just prior to leaving for his new home with Kim Bennie of Jindera NSW. 

Kim sends news that Ollie, as he is known, is super.  "Loves his food and is a bright little pony, responsive, great temperament, sharp, but sweet at the same time. Kim says he is a gorgeous type, and looks like something from the Bundeschampionat!!  Truly a modern Warmblood type in a pony package."

I would have to agree with Kim, he is a star of the future for sure.

Deveron Duvall x AEA Lesca

Alisha Gent sends news from Queensland of Deveron La Diva, whom she is presently leasing.

Photo below shows her in preparation for her new life as a show horse, as previously she had been in the broodmare paddock.

Alisha plans to show Diva at halter and is presently starting her ridden career which she has taken very well to, with her generous temperament and learning and improving every day. 

We wish Alisha and Diva well in her new life as a saddle horse.

Copyright Deveron Stud

Victoria Ferguson visits Deveron Stud

Late March, 2012 saw leading equine herbalist Victoria Ferguson visit Deveron Stud along with two of her top students, Nicola Crawford and Natalie Hardy.

It was such a pleasure to finally meet Victoria who has helped so many of our horses with her advice and herbal preparations.  The day was spent meeting the stud's horses and giving suggestions with any problems that needed addressing.

A wonderful day was had by all and Victoria is planning on another visit to Victoria, this time in November when she will be holding a seminar at David Quick's Isle of Wight Stud in Murchison.

A girl and her horse

Owner, Sascha Dowson, has sent us some beautiful photos of herself and the Number 1 man in her life, Deveron La Bamba.

La Bamba is a Royal Show Champion both in hand and under saddle and Sascha is devoted to him.  Fingers crossed we hope to see them out and about again very soon.

We have received many photos of beautiful horses either bred by us or by our stallions. We appreciate so much their owners sharing their photos, news and successes with us and hope to receive many more in the future.

For more photos, please visit the Performance Results pages
Deveron Di Maggio x Buckwell Park Cascade (x Carbine)

Well respected horse personality, Robert Hammond of Bullarook, Vic, sends photos of himself and Maggnetic, taking some of his first steps under saddle.

Robert, who is an EFA judge and also judge educator, instructor and competitor, broke in Maggnetic himself with the help of a friend.

At 2yo he is already quite a big boy at 16.3hh.  Robert is very impressed with the way he is  accepting of everything, commenting that he is very balanced, very steady and smooth.

We wish them both luck, and hope to see them out there in the dressage arena.

Deveron Duvall  x  Gutherzig (Grand Flaneur)

Proud owners, Tanja and Ian Branson of Marshanti Arabian Performance Horses recently had a photo shoot with top photographer, Tracey Bavinton, and their outstanding Arabian Warmblood stallion, Deveron du Barrie.

One of the photos is to be featured in an upcoming Horse Deals 2011/12 calender.  Tanja and Ian breed Arabian Warmbloods on their property at Mullumbimby NSW where
du Barrie stands at Stud.

Du Barrie is a full brother to our own stallion, Deveron Di Maggio.

Credit Tracey Bavinton
Deveron Di Maggio  x  IHB Jazzmine (Jazz)


Owner, Tracey Hotker of WA was thrilled to hear the news that her yearling Arabian Warmblood gelding, Deveron Maggistrate (aka Junior) had topped the Gelding secion of the ACE Assessment Tour, that was held recently.

Scoring 75% for movement and 75% for conformation his score averaged a very well earned 75%

Assessors comments were "Compact, good framed, uphill and well developed for his age."

Well done Tracey, not only for preparing this outstanding youngster, but for choosing him at such a young age.

Perfect Pony Photographics

First time out under saddle for Di Maggio showed his wonderful temperament and trainability under the direction of his rider and trainer, Elana Mackay. 

French Kiss x Salute


Our young stallion, Hillbreeze French Folly had his first ever outing when he was presented for classification to the respected assessor,  Mr. Gerd Kust, who has been involved with the Holsteiner Verband and the ZDFP for the past 10 years.  Mr Kust is a successful breeder
of 30 years and has ridden in the past at the Oldenburger and Westphalian auctions.

To say Folly was on his best behaviour was an understatement, as nothing fazed this young man.  He waited patiently and quietly in
the float for an hour, due to the assessors running late.

With an overall score of 78.5%, he wowed us by placing 4th behind
3 Imported mature warmblood stallions from 30 stallions/colts presented Australia wide, including 2 other imported Warmblood stallions.

Like his sire, French Kiss, Folly has 3 sensational paces, and this showed in his scores, which were all marked at 8 or better, with an amazing 9 for swing and elasticity

We feel Folly has a lot to offer the performance horse/pony breeder,
he is the total package, not only is he a pretty boy, but his movement is world class and his temperament could not be faulted.

Folly, with handler, Albert Davis of Equine    Reproduction Services
Tragically, Folly was taken from us on the 2nd Sept 09, in what could only be described as a loss that should not have happened.

After a search of some 10 years and 3yrs of growing him on, he was only a week away from starting his stud career.

He is survived by his only daughter, Lailarni La De Da, born 27th Dec 09.

RIP Folly, you were so special in every way, words are not enough to say how much we miss you.

Deveron Bonaparte
Deveron Di Caprio
Deveron Benaducee
Deveron Duvoir
Deveron Patrice
Deveron Mariette
Deveron Airs N Graces Exp NZ
Deveron Bernadette
Deveron Annakova
Deveron Matisse
Deveron Pascall
Deveron Marcel
Deveron La Bamba

Jane Reid of "Banyandah Naturally" Howlong NSW sends news and a video of her very imposing home bred gelding Polaris. By Di Maggio from Jane's TB mare Polaris stands at 17hh so is quite a big partner for the finely built Jane, Shown here being ridden in a bitless bridle........its so nice to see the trust and connection between horse and rider.

Shown at right is the Horse Deals ad for "Banyandah Naturally" which features Polaris showing his paces.

In Jane's words........Banyandah Naturally is a home that is a magnet for anyone interested in the pursuit of natural horsemanship skills and personal transformation.

In an atmosphere of deep trust and harmony students can come together to create a dialogue between animal and rider.  Under the expert guidance of internationally renowned tutors the journey of discovery begins here........

Visit for more information

MARCH 2015
Deveron Duvall  x  Gutherzig
Tracey Hotker of Kentucky Fields Farm WA sends news of a great weekend of lessons with Ron Patterson at the Hilltop Farm Equestrian Training Centre.

Tracey comments that Di Maggio gets better and better and gives 200% everytime.

Very proud of Di Maggio going back into work after so many years being a paddock boy, and taking it all in his stride. Plans are to have him out to some competitions in the not too far off future.  Well done to Tracey, who has done an amazing job with him and we know that he is in the best of homes possible.