DEVERON STUD has a chestnut colt from our resident Welsh C mare, Pen-y-gent Geneva by Krystelle Park Jedidiah.

This stunning Arabian Warmblood Pony colt foal has personality plus, along with a fantastic temperament, sensational movement and lots of bling.  Extremely correct with great hock and knee engagement. 

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2012/2013 Foals

DEVERON STUD welcomes the arrival of Deveron Let's Rock (pending), an almost black colt from our resident Welsh Section C mare, Mirabel Madonna and by the Imported German Riding Pony stallion, Golden Rock, owned by Dynamik Stallions in WA.

DEVERON STUD has a bay colt foal with a blaze and 4 stockings by Di Maggio from the Welsh Cob mare, Mirabel Madonna.

This is Madonna's first foal and she has done an excellent job in producing such a fine fellow.

Madonna has also been an amazing mum for which we are thankful.  The colt was born on the 27th September 2011, and she had a textbook foaling.
2011/2012 Foals

Pam Shepherd of Nareen, Victoria reports the arrival of a huge chestnut filly from her Warmblood mare, Sheeza Lady (Just du Pomme).  The filly, by Di Maggio is well marked with a blaze and 4 full stockings and by all accounts family member are all keen to get their hands on her!

Robert Hammond of Bullarook, Victoria sent two mares to Di Maggio last season and has welcomed the arrival of two fillies this season.

The Arabian Warmblood mare, Warrawee Laydee in Red has a chestnut filly and the Anglo Arabian mare, Kelara Adina has a bay filly.

Both mums and daughters are doing well.  Robert has been very good and named the fillies already, with Red's filly being Kelara Rosina and Adina's foal Kelara Adelia.
SNOWDON VALE SEQUINCE foaled a live, healthy filly on the 12th January 2012 after what has been a rather harrowing pregnancy for her and us.  She is a bay with 3 large socks and large star and has super long legs.

The filly was 2 weeks early, after Sequince has been threatening to foal from some 7 weeks from her due date.   After 2 weeks of sleepless nights with the foaling alarm going off at all hours, she finally foaled on her own ! (which she is very good at doing), and it was what appeared to be a red bag delivery we are so thankful to have this baby out and alive and well.

AT DEVERON STUD the first of our Arabian Warmblood/Welsh Cob foals by Di Maggio arrived on the 5th October.  The foal, a chestnut colt with lots of colour certainly lived up to our expectations.

His dam Pen-y-Ghent Geneva, a pure Welsh Cob C mare, decided she would rather be on her own at the birth, and conveniently deposited the halter and foaling alarm on the ground on the night that she foaled. Thankfully all was well, and she proudly met me at breakfast time showing off her new baby who was all cleaned up and drinking well.  Clever girl.
2010/2011 Foals

Nicole Mackey & family report the safe arrival on the 4th October of a bay filly from their Warmblood mare, Meg.

The filly is Di Maggio's first baby for the season, and is from all accounts very tall.  She has one
stocking and a star and strip.


Helen Hartmann & Tristan Hardy are very pleased and proud to announce the arrival on the 27th October of a chestnut filly from their ASB mare, Spotlights by Deveron Di Maggio.

The filly was 3 weeks overdue, so it was a great relief to have her safely on the ground.


Tanja &  Ian Branson of Marshanti Performance Horses have their first foal on the ground by their Arabian Warmblood stallion, Deveron du Barrie.  Du Barrie is a full brother to Di Maggio.

The foal, a chestnut colt, from their purebred arabian mare, Marshanti Penny Wren, arrived on the 19th October.  He has been aptly named Spider, due to the length on his long legs.

Tanja had the terrible misfortune to break her back in a riding accident in January 2009. Fortunately for Tanja and her family she has made a full recovery and is now back riding and competing.
HANNA & CAITLIN FOULIS are thrilled to report the arrival of a filly, whom they have named Ciao Bella, from their Warmblood mare,  Argentile Brindabella.

Bella arrived in the daylight, much to the delight of everyone, on the 17th November.  A chestnut she has a blaze, 2 stockings and a sock. 

Well done to Hanna & Caitlin for doing such a wonderful job as first time breeders, to Brindabella also as this is her first foal.

A very interested party would like to know what is going on with the new family member.

DEVERON STUD have another colt, this time from their Welsh Cob mare, Snowdon Vale Sequince.

He is a bay with a blaze and 2 hind stockings and was born on the 24th November.
NICOLE MACKEY & FAMILY have yet another filly by Di Maggio.  This time a liver chestnut, with a star and a sock from their Warmblood mare, Saddle Up Time.

She was born on the 26th November, and her dam Abby had to be helped to deliver the foal, but thankfully all was well.

This filly is available for sale at weaning.
BELCATA WARMBLOODS owned  by Amanda & Anthony Leocata also have a chestnut filly from their Warmblood mare Belcata Fabianne.

The filly has a star and socks and she was born on the 3rd December.

Our deepest condolences to Erin Pitt of Tasmania on the loss of her TB mare, Cabal Moon, and her filly foal at foaling. Such a tragic loss for Erin to lose both of her treasures.
PAM & JOHN FARRAGHER OF ESKDALE FARM report the arrival of a bay filly, with a star and 2 socks to their Warmblood mare IHB Jazzmine, on the 7th December.

This will be Jazzmine's 3rd filly by Di Maggio, and her 4th foal.  The filly is a full sibling to D. Mannequin, D. Maggistrate and D. Maddamoiselle.
CHRIS RUMP is delighted with her new arrival in the form of a black filly with a curly mane, a small star and 2 hind socks from her part Percheron mare, Tina.

"Joy" as she has been named was born on the 21st December 2010 at midnight and is apparantly a joy to have around, already leading and tying up without a fuss.

This was Di Maggio's ninth filly born this season, so it has certainly a year for the fillies, and we ourselves had the colts.


Sire ~ Deveron Di Maggio
Dam ~Buckwell Park Cascade (Carbine imp)
Born ~14.9.09

On lease from Buckwell Park, Cascade foaled a super moving colt for us early in the season.

2009/2010 Foals

Sire ~ Deveron Di Maggio
Dam ~ IHB Jazzmine (Jazz)
Born ~ 28.11.09

Once again Jazzmine produced her special package,
as she has done every year.  This little filly was an obvious standout from day 1.

With her super quality looks and unbelievable movement she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in both the showring and dressage arena.

DEVERON HIDE & SEEQ  Welsh Cob Section C

Sire ~ Llangollen Gatsby  
Dam ~ Snowdon Vale Sequince
Born ~ 3.12.09

The arrival of Sequince's foal, was much anticipated, not only because Sequince is a much decorated mare in the Welsh world, but also because this foal is our first ever dabble into ponies. 

Sequince did not
disappoint us, foaling a
clone of herself in this
very sculptured huge
moving filly.
Sire ~ Llangollen Gatsby
Welsh Cob Section D

We would like to thank all the mare owners who supported Di Maggio this season

Mares came from far and wide, and semen was sent out to most states. 

We look forward to hearing your foaling news.

Again we were privileged to have some super mares visit us this season.

Pictured are the Warmblood mares, Argentille Brindabella (left) owned by Caitlin Foulis and Sheeza Lady owned by Pam Shepherd.

We are able to offer irrigated pasture with double fencing and shade to all paddocks.

2008/2009 Foals

Sire ~ Deveron Di Maggio    Dam ~ IHB Jazzmine
Born ~ 10th Nov 08

Jazzmine has again presented us with another suberb youngster, this time a colt.  He is extremely friendly, but full of cheek as only colts can be.


Sire ~ Deveron Di Maggio      Dam ~ Deveron Bernadette
Born ~ 30.11.08

After a very stressful pregnancy due to an injury, Bernadette surprised us by delivering a very healthy filly foal.  There was a time there that I did not think she would carry the foal full term, such was the level of her pain.

Mother and daughter are doing extremely well, so much so that for the first time I have not had to do supplementary bottle feeding, which is a major bonus for me.

Sadly on the 8th December, 2008, Deveron La Diva foaled a stillboarn colt by Di Maggio.

She foaled right on her due date but the foal was found to be in a malpresentation position. With the help of two vets and my husband, they were eventually able to correct the position of the foal for a normal delivery, but tragically the foal had died some hours earlier.

La Diva is fine after her ordeal and thankfully, she behaved and co-operated very well throughout the whole procedure.
Jane Reid, of Banyandah NSW reports the arrival of a chestnut colt from her ASB mare, Curzon Belle.  Jane is very happy with him and says he is very quiet and has already had his first floating lesson with no hassles.

He has been named Polaris, after the navigational star.
Glennis Dyason and Eil Kingma of International Horse Breeders  also have a colt, this time a bay with white stockings, from their Warmblood mare, Kendalee Dawn.  Dawn is the dam of our own mare IHB Jazzmine.

He has been named IHB Denmark and is pictured at 3 weeks of age with Eil Kingma and friend.

Merle & Paris Rodwell of Buckwell Park Stud also have a colt from their Anglo Arabian mare, Buckwell Park Philadelphia.  He is chesnut with stockings and a blaze, and was born a month early.  From all accounts Paris did a wonderful job in helping the delivery of him, as he had one leg back and Paris had to be talked thru the birth by her mum, over the phone.  Well done Paris. 

Buckwell Park Endeavour, as he has been named, arrived with no mane or tail although quite robust and Merle now reports that at a month old he is the fastest horse on the property.  They are very pleased with him, with his pretty head, lovely length of rein and long legs.


Di Maggio's first Quarab foal arrives  - "Nellie" arrived safely on the 30th Jan 09 after a number of complications throughout the pregnancy.

With the Quarter horse mare, Quickfrost  threatening to foal early, and then getting an abdominal tear in the late stages of pregnancy, it was joy all around when "Possum" foaled a live healthy filly.

Her owner Clair Cook of Coffs Harbour, NSW, was fortunate to be able to borrow a girdle to help heal the tear in the last 3 weeks before foaling.

Both mare and foal are now doing very well.

2013/2014 Foals
PEN-Y-GHENT GENEVA presented us with another super colt this season by the Warmblood Pony stallion, Krystelle Park Jedidiah. 

Very happy with this boy, lots of bling, character and movement.
Bred for the Pony Dressage arena.
Offered for sale....see Horses for Sale
We feel very fortunate to have bred a filly this season by the fabulous imp German Riding Pony stallion, GOLDEN ROCK from our wonderful Welsh Cob mare, MIRABEL MADONNA.

A very feminine pretty girl and a lovely mover.  She is to be retained by the Stud.
Copyright Deveron Stud

2014/2015 Foals
Sire:  Deveron Di Maggio
Dam: Mirabel Madonna (Welsh Cob C)

Madonna presented us with yet another outstanding filly  this season.  So happy with this filly, she is to be retained by the Stud.
Sire:  Deveron Di Maggio
Dam: Pen-y-ghent Geneva (Welsh Cob C)

In her usual style Geneva presented us with another standout foal, and a filly no less after 4 colts in a a nice change!

This filly has lots of bling and certainly lots of character.  She has been sold to a wonderful home, so wish her new owners lots of fun and success with her.